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Image by Pascal Meier

Holy Smokes


Good food brings about good community, and a great meal brings diverse people together

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We’re a fast growing boutique Smokehouse with two locations and new venues coming to you soon. We believe that great low slow BBQ should be accessible to all and enjoyed by all. We can proudly say that we are not only the best BBQ in town, we are also the best value!

Almost all of our ingredients and wood is sourced locally, to bring out the unique flavors that Thailand has to offer.

Proudly Local for Local

We make all of our dry rubs, brine, and sauces inhouse, even though this takes more time and effort, we are proud of the quality product that we bring you. And part of our personality in every bite as well!

All of our food contains no MSG and no preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors. 

Passionately made from scratch


1. Tender and Juicy: Done just right, our meat is juicy and tender, ready to fall off the bones. And to bring out the best flavors, all of our meat is smoked, never boiled. 

2. Smoke ring: Smoking with natural wood gives the meat great flavor and is a age old way of preserving food. The signs of a good smoke is the pinkish hue of the natural smoke ring. 

3. Bark: At the right temperatures and time, caramelization occurs creating a dark bark on the surface, a great meaty flavor 

All 3 Signs of a good smoke

Pork Rice Bowl.HEIC

Keeping to tried and tested techniques doesnt need to be boring. 

We continually innovate our menu, bringing you fresh flavor combinations, like our signature Smoked Pork Donburi. 

Tradition and Innovation

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